Improve Cycling Performance

Learn how to Train with Purpose and discover a whole community of cyclists to do it with.

All cycling coaches provide training programs! That is a given. What makes CIS Training Systems so unique and inclusive is our CIS Global Community that is comprised of over 100 + CIS Members Globally and Knowledgable Coaches from Diverse Backgrounds that provide support and encouragement for one another to strive forward and Achieve, Build Confidence and Breakdown Barriers that Impede Cycling Performance on and off the bike.

Elevate Cycling Performance and Sustainable Power Generation down the Road to Success!

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    • Welcome Announcement

    • Liability and Waiver Form

    • Membership and Coaching Platform via BAND Online

    • Coaching Calls to Improve Performance

    • Customized your Avatar via Zwift

    • Quick Start Guide

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    • Learn how to Load CIS Custom Workouts to Zwift on PC/iOS.

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    • First Week: Baseline Testing to Determine Training Zones prior to beginning the remaining 11 weeks of Basic Indoor Cycling Training.

    • Phase One: Focused attention on Building Baseline Fitness with Focus, Control and Attention to Detail.

    • Phase Two: Recruitment Phase to Develop Fast and Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers to build on the bike strength.

    • Phase 3: Learn how to Drive Speed and Power Production through a Variety of Intervals.

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    • Upon completion of your 12 Week Basic Zwift Indoor Cycling Program, a branded Certificate of Excellence Award will be generated automatically.