Program Benefits

Learn the Basics of Training and the Elements of THE SYSTEM. Attention to Detail on Building Endurance, Cadence Efficiency and on the Bike Strength with Discipline and Focus.

  • Endurance

    Build Cardiovascular Fitness and Heart Rate Efficiency and Control.

  • Cadence

    Develop proper Pedal Stroke mechanics and Cadence Control.

  • Strength

    Build on the Bike Strength Muscle Recruitment.

Training Program Overview

Build the skills that matter.

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    • Liability and Waiver Form

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    • New Membership Orientation OnBoarding Process

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    • Our Focus

    • Our Program

    • Key Learnings

    • Coaching Methodology

    • Certification Program of Excellence

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    • Benefits of Heart Rate Training

    • Determine Heart Training Zones

  • 5

    Taste of THE SYSTEM

    • Phase I: Build Endurance, Heart Rate Control and Focused Attention to Detail

    • Phase II: Develop Aerobic Power, Cadence Efficiency and Strength

    • Phase III: Manage Lactate Clearance and Speed Endurance

Program Includes:

Cycling Program, Coaching, Comprehensive Training Manual and Nutrition/Strength Program.

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