Cycle, Train and Race with Purpose down the Road to Success!

CIS Training Systems LLC (“THE SYSTEM”), founded in 2006, is a globally recognized premier cycling, training, development and performance-based program located in New York City. Our world-class and winning edge training system has been proven time and time again to deliver sustainable results for cyclists regardless of skill level, age, gender or cycling experience. 

Coach ∗ inspire ∗ Succeed 


Improve Cycling Performance and Achieve Goals through Commitment, Ownership, Responsibility and Excellence!

Training Philosophy

With an extensive background in Human Capital Management, our training philosophy is to coach cyclists to Cycle, Train and Race their bikes with Purpose. We also work on breaking down individual barriers that impede cycling performance, both on and off the bike, just like HR professionals would do.

With a coaching style that is Engaging, Efficient, Energizing and Effective, our focus is to develop cycling training programs that achieve outstanding results. With a mentor-centric philosophy which helps to create new and sustainable behaviors that are realized on the bike—and beyond. 

Thus, CIS Training Systems creates a one-stop-shop training and learning opportunity to accomplish and surpass goals with a Train with Purpose mindset. When we say, Train with Purpose, everything we do has a clear purpose to deliver results, not just physically, but mentally as well.


Leveraging STRAVA, Wattsboard and TrainingPeaks, our programs will provide you with a cycling plan that fits your needs.

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See what people say about our company.

“THE SYSTEM provides me with a structured, realistic and results-based training program that has allowed me to perform at my highest level within a positive, inclusive and supportive environment. ”

Pamela Abbott - New York

“I just wanted to say I really appreciate all your support and guidance. You're making a huge impact on my cycling and on my fitness level. And in turn, this is having positive impacts in other areas of my life including business and personal. ”

Doug Gamble - New York

“THE SYSTEM has given me the confidence and belief that I can be the best cyclist within my potential. The team camaraderie helps to motivate, inspire and push my mind to places it has never experienced before. ”

Olivia Atanasovska - Australia