Are you looking to Improve, Maximize and Elevate Cycling Performance?

CIS Training Systems is the cycling program that will help you reach your goals!


Founded in 2006, we are a globally recognized Premier Cycling, Training, Development and Performance-Based Program located in New York City. Our World-Class and Winning Edge Training System has been proven time and time again to deliver sustainable results for cyclists regardless of skill level, age, gender or cycling experience.


1️⃣ Learn the basic elements of training and foundation of THE SYSTEM.
2️⃣ Establish the link between training and on the bike skills and techniques.
3️⃣ Heightened level of confidence, focus, discipline, self-awareness and the ability to go the extra mile.


We don't say it, We do it!

❒ Why we do it...

We believe in breaking down Mental and Physical barriers that impede Cycling Performance. We Improve, Maximize and Elevate Cycling Performance through Holistic, Effective, Authentic, Transparent Interactions with our clients. We do this through Effective Coaching Interventions and Robust Bicycle Training for individuals of all cycling abilities and diverse backgrounds.

❒ How we do it...

We employ a Simplistic and Holistic Approach towards Cycling Training and Development and our Mastery to Transfer Knowledge from basic Training Theory to Practical Application.

❒ What we do...

Our coaching is a professional service that uses proven methods of working to effectively achieve sustainable results. The purpose of our coaching is to remove the obstacles that prevent individuals from achieving sets goals and objectives.


CIS Training Systems is a Community of global cyclists and knowledgeable coaches from diverse backgrounds that support an environment of Inclusion and promote Synergy to achieve and surpass goals. That is what CIS Training Systems is all about. Our Vision, Our Purpose, Our Brand.


Gain access to the most engaging, global and social network community of like-minded cyclists and knowledgeable coaches.