Program Benefits

  • Focus

    Attention to Detail on Heart Rate control and Cadence Development.

  • Fitness

    Improve fitness with calculated workouts designed to power production.

  • Power

    Deliver sustainable power generation with outstanding results.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to THE SYSTEM

    • Introduction

    • Message From Coach David

    • Consent and Release Form

    • Program Overview and Focus

  • 2

    Training Program

    • Pre Baseline Testing and Rider Assessment Evaluation Week

    • Training Principles

    • Phase 1: Build Endurance and Cadence Development

    • Phase 2: Tempo Development and Applying Force

    • Phase 3: Sweet Spot and Tempo Zone Training

    • Phase 4: Lactate Clearance and Speed Endurance

    • Phase 5: VO 2 Max and Speed Endurance

    • Phase 6: Speed Endurance and Power Generation

  • 3

    Knowledge Share

    • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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