Cycle with Purpose

Detailed Program Overview

  • Training Frequency: 4 to 5 days/week
  • Hours Per Week: 4 to 7.5 hours est. / week 
  • Metrics: STRAVA Workout Review and Feedback

CIS Training Systems creates a one-stop-shop training and learning opportunity to accomplish and surpass goals with a Train with Purpose mindset. When we say, Train with Purpose, everything we do has a clear purpose of delivering results, not just physically but mentally.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Improved fitness gains, cadence, and individual heart rate efficiency
  • Increased confidence and self-control on and off the bike
  • Build and maintain a healthier lifestyle — weight management

CYCLING ASCENSION - Improve Cycling Performance

THE SYSTEM Training Logic

The purpose of a program is something that you strictly follow. The steps are laid out for you in a step-wise fashion. Once you follow step 1, you move to the second step. The program commences once all the steps are followed.

Unfortunately, people are different, and while one program may work for one individual, it might not meet the needs of another.

This is why, at CIS, we rely on THE SySTEM.

THE SySTEM relies on feedback. While there are steps that must be followed, given feedback (both from the athlete and coach), these steps can be modified to best suit the needs of the individual.

At CIS, we keep you honest. We make you work hard. But we want your hard work to translate into results. We adapt THE SySTEM to you. Based on what we observe and what you tell us, we create THE SySTEM that meets your goals. 

Program Pricing

Pricing: $174.95 per month - Cancel at Anytime

Coaching Engagement

  • Accountability Coaching: one on one coaching interaction between coach and client. The key focus is on creating discipline in training and focused attention to detail.
  • Weekly Review: 1 on 1 Private Chat Room Engagement with Accountability Coach
  • Peer Support: Train alongside your peer group and learn from others. Included are Monthly Peer Coaching Calls to ask questions regarding training.