Rev Up Your Cycling Journey: 5 Reasons to Choose Our 12-Week Beginner Cycling Program

  1. Structured Training Plan: The program provides a structured training plan for beginner cyclists. The plan includes various workouts designed to gradually build fitness and endurance over the 12 weeks.

  2. Goal-Oriented: The program is goal-oriented, meaning that it is designed to help beginner riders achieve specific goals, such as improving their endurance, speed, and overall fitness level. By following the program, riders can work towards achieving their goals in a structured and efficient manner.

  3. Tailored to Individual Needs: The program is tailored to the needs of individual riders, with the ability to adjust training zones and workout intensity based on personal fitness levels and goals. This means that beginner riders can customize the program to meet their needs and abilities.

  4. Accessible and Convenient: The program can be accessed online, making it easy and convenient for beginner riders to follow the training plan from anywhere with an internet connection. The workouts can be done indoors or outdoors, making it flexible and adaptable to different schedules and weather conditions.

  5. Professional Guidance: The program was developed by professional coaches with years of experience in cycling training. As such, it provides beginner riders with expert guidance and support throughout the 12 weeks, helping them to stay motivated and on track toward their goals.

The 12-week cycling program is a valuable resource for beginner riders looking to improve their cycling performance and achieve specific fitness goals. With a structured training plan, goal-oriented focus, tailored workout intensity, accessibility, and professional guidance, the program can help beginner riders build confidence, improve their fitness, and love cycling.


    As the program progresses, you will ride longer distances faster without feeling as fatigued or out of breath, improving overall endurance and stamina on the bike.


    Focusing on pedaling efficiency, you will develop a smoother pedal stroke and increase overall cadence, improving efficiency, speed, and power output.


    You will feel more prepared to tackle longer or more challenging rides and develop mental toughness and confidence in your ability to overcome physical challenges.

Training Program Overview

Build the skills that matter.

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    1. Building a Strong Foundation: Why Indoor Cycling is Essential for Beginner Cyclists Before Hitting the Road

    2. Understanding the Relationship Between Heart Rate and Cadence for Beginner Cyclists

    1. Unlock Your Cycling Potential: Mastering Heart Rate Training for Optimal Performance

    2. How to Determine Your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate for for Optimal Training

    1. Pedaling to Progress: An Overview of the 12-Week Basic Cycling Program

    2. Developing Essential Skills for Beginner Cyclists: Building a Strong Foundation in Phase One Base Training

    1. Building a Strong Foundation: Phase One Base Training for Beginner Cyclists

    1. Leveling Up Your Cycling Endurance and Strength on the Bike

12 Week Beginner Cycling Program

  • $174.95 / month
  • 12 lessons

Transform Your Cycling Journey

Maria's Journey with Our 12-Week Beginner Cycling Program

“Before starting the 12-week cycling program, I was struggling to find the motivation and structure to improve my cycling performance. But after just a few weeks on the program, I could already feel a noticeable difference in my fitness level and endurance on the bike. The workouts are challenging but manageable, and the expert guidance and support from the coaches kept me motivated and on track towards my goals. I was able to push myself further than I thought possible and even completed my first century ride by the end of the program! I highly recommend the 12-week cycling program to any beginner rider who wants to improve their cycling performance, build confidence on the bike, and achieve their fitness goals. It truly transformed my cycling journey, and I can't wait to see where it takes me next!”

Maria, Beginner Cyclist