The beginner online cycling course was developed around the Science of Cycling based on over 20 years of research and case studies. This course has a continuous improvement mindset that will help you become the most effective cyclist you can be.


Discover the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your full cycling potential. Educate yourself, grow, and succeed!

CIS Training Systems creates a one-stop-shop training and learning opportunity to accomplish and surpass goals with a Train with Purpose mindset. When we say, Train with Purpose, everything we do has a clear purpose of delivering results, not just physically but mentally.

Program Benefits Include:

➤ Improved fitness gains, cadence, and individual heart rate efficiency

➤ Increased confidence and self-control on and off the bike

➤ Build and maintain a healthier lifestyle — weight management

    1. Welcome Statement

    2. About Coach David

    3. The Benefits of Coaching

    4. Liability and Waiver Form

    5. Check Your Knowledge

    1. What You Need to Know About Indoor Training

    2. Indoor Training: 7 Reasons Why

    3. Base Training Essentials

    4. Recovery Days: How to Make the Most of Them

    5. Cycling Overtraining: What You Should Know

    6. Nutrition: Understanding the Basics

    7. Check Your Knowledge

    1. The Energy Systems That Drive Cycling Performance

    2. Three Physiological Elements

    3. Cycling Disciplines and Physiology

    4. Train Your Nervous System

    5. Check Your Knowledge

    1. What is The System?

    2. Training Elements

    3. Benefits of Heart Rate Training

    4. Pedal Efficiency and Body Position

    5. Certification Program

    6. Check Your Knowledge

    1. Determine Your Heart Rate Training Zones

    2. Rider Skills Development Assessment

    3. Workout Expectations

    4. Phase I: Build Endurance, Heart Rate Control and Focused Attention to Detail

About this course

  • $164.99 / month
  • 49 lessons


Establish Coach - Athlete Relationship

  • Accountability Coaching: Establish one on one coaching interaction between coach and client. The key focus is on creating discipline in training and focused attention to detail.
  • Weekly Review: 1 on 1 Private Chat Room Engagement with Accountability Coach.
  • Peer Support: Train alongside your peer group and learn from others. Included are Monthly Peer Coaching Calls to ask questions regarding training.


Comprehensive Beginner Cycling Training Program to establish long-term sustainable results. It is an excellent program for beginner riders, focused on training and development centered on cycling and improvement.