CIS Nutrition Program

Holistic Unrestricted Approach to Fitness and Wellness

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    • Macronutrients

    • Macronutrients Quiz

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    • What are Carbohydrates?

    • Glycemic Index (GI) and Carbohydrates

    • When to Eat Carbohydrates

    • Carbohydrates Quiz

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    • What are Proteins?

    • Proteins Quiz

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    • All About Fats

    • Fats

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    • Micronutrients

    • Micronutrients

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    Fluid Intake

    • Fluid Intake

    • Fluid Intake

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    Pre, During, and Post Ride

    • Pre During and Post Ride

    • Before, During, and After you Ride

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    Healthy Choices from Each Food Group

    • 12 Week Program - Healthy Foods List

Exceedingly Good Testimonials!

“From the beginning I knew working with Coach Nick would be different, This wasn’t another diet, it was a lifestyle change. I have not only met my goals, but I flew past them! I am 56 years old and now weigh less than I did in college. If you are serious about a life changing nutrition plan, run don’t walk, and speak to Coach Nick. ”

Ron Green

“Coach Nick was easy to communicate with and gave helpful suggestions to be more successful. All in all, I have lost an average of 1 pound a week over the 12 weeks of the program. It has put me within 5 pounds of my goal weight. I could not have been this consistent without Coach Nick and the CIS Nutrition Program. ”

Kyanni Fleming

“Coach Nick provided me with a wealth of nutritional information. Coach doesn't put you on a diet, he presents you with delicious options. Coach is able to take your current lifestyle and come up with a plan that fits within a schedule. Working with coach was a great experience and I would recommend everyone to work with him.”

Steven Jimenez