1. CIS Training Systems Cycling Program: A Comprehensive Approach to Cycling Training

    2. Liability and Waiver Form

    1. Introduction: Managing Heart Rate and Cadence for Improved Cycling Performance

    2. Expected Outcomes: What You Will Learn From the Program

    1. Introduction to Heart Rate Training

    2. The Benefits of Heart Rate Training for Cycling Performance

    3. Determining Your Training Heart Rate Zones

    4. Testing: To Determine Your Training Heart Rate Zones

    5. The Five Heart Rate Zones and What They Correspond to in Terms of Intensity

    1. Optimizing Your Cadence and Pedal Stroke

    1. Rider Skills Development Assessment

    2. Week One: Training Plan

    3. Week Two: Training Plan

    4. Test your knowledge and reinforce what you have learned from the program!

    1. Take Your Cycling Journey to the Next Level with Our 12-Week Beginner Cycling Program

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An Incredibly Rewarding Journey with the 2-Week Program for Managing Heart Rate with Specific Cadence Ranges

“I recently completed the 2-Week Program for Managing Heart Rate with Specific Cadence Ranges cycling program, and I must say, it was an incredibly rewarding experience. The program was well structured, and the workouts were challenging yet achievable, even for a beginner cyclist like myself. The focus on heart rate training and specific cadence ranges was extremely helpful, as it allowed me to optimize my workouts and achieve my fitness goals faster.”

John. Beginner Cyclist