With over 25 years of Cycling and Martial Arts experience, as well as, 10 plus years of Leadership and Organizational Development, it has been my desire to create a world-class training system of breaking down individual barriers that impede high performance. Every program and coaching invention offered at CIS Training Systems Cycling Program has a clear purpose of creating new and sustainable training behaviors that go far beyond the bike. 

My cycling approach and coaching style is Engaging, Efficient, Energizing and Effective that gives you the power to focus your time and attention toward achieving outstanding results. It is my understanding that as a coach and mentor, I exist for the sole purpose of helping you break down mental barriers and surpass individual limitations. 

I have a clear understanding of what it takes to create a healthy balance between work, life and training.

Passion and Purpose 🔊

My Background 

My cycling and coaching philosophy dates back to 1993 where I spent the better part of my professional cycling career working as an HR and Organizational Development Executive in Banking and Financial Services. During that time, I achieved an advanced level Black Belt Degree and two Brown Belts in three separate Martial Art disciplines. 

In 2009 after my successful career in Banking and Financial Services, I took that knowledge gained from cycling, martial arts training and leadership development and followed my passion and entrepreneurial spirit and became Founder and CEO of CIS Training Systems Cycling Program. With my diverse background, I found innovative ways of combining the Science of Cycling, the Art of Coaching with the Principles of Leadership Development. The coaching and developmental cycling I provide is a progressive way of getting the best out of all my clients. The benefits of my coaching and developmental philosophy is to get my clients to align to a process and having them believe that what they are doing is going to help them reach their goals. 

I pride my company on taking an alternate approach to cycling, not only do I train my clients how to ride their bikes with purpose, I also work toward breaking down individual barriers that impede performance just like an HR professional would do. 

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