Founded in New York City, CIS Training Systems LLC is a cycling education company that aims to empower cyclists of all levels to perform on and off the bike. We do this by sharing the foundations of cycling, assessing current skills, and adapting new training behaviors. Our mission is to foster a global community of cyclists striving to be their best. Whether you are an experienced cyclist looking to fine-tune your skills or a beginner just starting, we have the programs and resources you need to reach your cycling goals. Cycling Stronger, Longer & Faster!


Looking to take up cycling? Or perhaps you're already an avid cyclist looking to improve your fitness and performance? Either way, our beginner cycling training plan is perfect for you!

The following comprehensive training plans use STRAVA Coaching Tools for a simple-to-use training solution to help you gradually improve your fitness, cadence, and heart rate efficiency — all of which will help increase your confidence and self-control on and off the bike. Not to mention, it's a great way to build and maintain a healthier lifestyle overall!


Looking to take your cycling performance to the next level using the latest and greatest virtual Zwift training platform? The CIS/Zwift Level Me UP Program using STRAVA Performance Tools and Wattsboard Power Analysis is the perfect solution – our Heart Rate and Power-Based Indoor cycling programs are the best-kept secrets. With your workouts loaded directly to your Zwift workouts folder, our comprehensive training programs are designed to help you build your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and Performance to see real gains in indoor and outdoor riding.

CIS Training Systems is the 1st documented leader and Performance Coaching Progam to appear on Zwift in September 2014. Our heart rate and power-based training for cyclists has helped riders of all levels achieve their performance goals. Whether you're a beginner looking to improve your heart rate and cadence efficiency or an experienced rider looking to boost FTP and performance and take your game to the next level, our CIS/Zwift Level Me UP can help you reach your full potential.


We proudly offer cutting-edge Performance Coaching for Elite Cyclists with The Winning Edge - 5.0 (Commercial off-the-Shelf) and Ultimate Bespoke Coaching - 6.0 Dynamic and Customized Training Program through TrainingPeaks and WKO5. Our high-level coaching is tailored to your specific needs, and by analyzing your goals, we will create an intense, detailed, and structured elite-level training program that will raise your fitness to a new level. With our premium coaching and training, you will gain the winning edge while raising performance quality to another level. Don't settle for anything less than the best – choose CIS Training Systems / Performance Coaching for Elite Cyclists.

At CIS Training Systems, we provide high-level coaching tailored to your specific needs. By analyzing your goals, we will create an intense, detailed, and structured elite-level training program to raise fitness to a new level. Gain the winning edge with our high-touch premium coaching and training while raising performance quality to another level.

Our team of certified coaches has years of experience working with elite athletes and knows what it takes to get results. We use the latest training techniques and technology to create customized programs to help our clients reach their goals. Whether you're looking to win races or improve your personal best, we can help you succeed.


Pre-Program and Review Call. This service allows potential clients to engage in dialogue with Coach David to review Training and Development program options. Free · 30 minutes.


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