CIS Lite Program

The first 7 days of the subscription are free, and you can cancel anytime.

For only $49.95 per month, get a Taste of CISCYCLING and gain access to the most engaging, global and social network community of like-minded cyclists and knowledgeable coaches. 12 week Self Directed Zwift Basic Program included as part the CIS Lite Membership Program.

Beginner Cycling Training Plans to Improve Fitness

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Learn how to Cycle with Purpose to build and maintain a healthier lifestyle — weight management through our 5 - Level Course Training Curriculum which concentrates on how to Improve Fitness, Skill Development, Heart Rate Control, Mental Focus and Confidence.

Group Coaching: Basic Group interaction for $139.95 Per Month, as you learn from our Coaching and other CIS Members globally in an inclusive structured learning environment. 

Accountablity Coaching: For just $143.95 Per Month which includes 1 on 1 Coaching Interaction — 15 Minute scheduled Spot Check Coaching as needed.

Program Plus: Included in this offer at $164.95 Per Month, 1 on 1 Coaching Interaction, 15 Minute scheduled Spot Check Coaching as needed + 12 Week Basic Nutrition Program. 


Zwift Indoor Cycling Programs to Boost FTP

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It only takes $153.95 per month to elevate your Zwift Indoor Training to another level. With our 6 - Level Course Curriculum and 1:1 Proactive Coaching is designed to Maximize Cycling Performance for long-term sustainable results. 

Art of Cycling: A Six-Step Advanced Level Event Ready MasterClass

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Advanced Level MasterClass for $249.99 per month, will provide you with the opportunity train directly with Coach David to help you Improve, Maximize and Elevate Cycling Performance with our Art of Cycling: A Six-Step MasterClass.

Our High-touch, Advanced Level Coaching will take your training from theory to practical application as you learn the secrets of THE SYSTEM.